Dr. Carlos Parajon is a well recognized Prosthodontist in the Orange Co. – Rancho Santa Margarita area. By the nature of his advanced dental training. Prosthodontists were the original cosmetic dentists before the idea of “cosmetic dentists” became popular. A Prosthodontist offers you the credentials recognized as a true Dental Specialty by the American Dental Association. Prosthodontists have the experience to provide you (the Patient) with the utmost in design and quality of dentistry.

Over time, the space left by one or more missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to drift and tilt into the space while the tooth opposing the space on the upper/lower arch may begin to erupt. This shifting can cause imbalances with the bite that can lead to headaches and TMJ problems. Also, the spaces may be difficult to keep clean, resulting in localized gum disease and decay.



Unless a dental implant is recommended to replace the missing tooth or teeth, a fixed or permanent bridge is an excellent alternative. The teeth adjacent to the space are shaped in a manner similar to a tooth needing a single crown, impressions are taken, a temporary bridge is placed, and about 2 weeks later, the permanent bridge arrive from the lab for final cementation.

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