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Periodontal Laser Treatments

Periodontal Laser Treatments LASER ASISTED PERIODONTAL THERAPY (LAPT) also known as laser curettage or laser debridement is the most advanced non-surgical technique in treating periodontal disease today. After scaling and root planing procedure is completed, laser light with a low setting is then used to remove infected gingival tissue inside pockets (de-epithelialization)

Energy from the laser light vaborizes infected gingival tissue and toxins from harmful bacteria. This then provides a healthy wound for more efficient healing by achieving new attachment of gingival fibers. Additional results from this procedure is pocket depth reduction. LASER BACTERIAL REDUCTION (LBR) Another benefit in using laser in a periodontal procedure is that laser energy is also able to kill the majority of sulcus bacteria. Thus, effectively delaying bacterial repopulation within the pocket. Therefore, LBR may control periodontal pockets from getting worse when performed with periodontal maintenance treatment.

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